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Subject: Harry's Polyjuice Potion: Interrogating Draco Part 2This story is fan fiction. I do not own any of the characters mentioned,
they belong to JK Rowling fuck hot virgin and Warner Brothers Entertainment, and any other
respective owner. I make no money from the writing of this story.This story takes place straight after the ending of part 1, I was planning
on finishing this story in this part, but it looks like it may go into a 3rd
part. Again please leave any feedback at: Draco Part 2:Draco slowly stood up, keeping his wand arm raised, and walked towards the
door; seeing the Goyle imposter lying on the floor, he relaxed a little.
Pointing his wand at the body he cast; "Mobilicorpus" and the body began to
float, allowing Malfoy to move the body inside with ease, it levitated into
the room, and he closed the door manually behind it, hearing it lock he
flipped the body onto its front with a simple flick of his wrist, and
started inspecting the damage. He was still breathing, but his nose was
broken, and the blood had run down his face. Goyle's shirt had also been
ripped in the tumble revealing his hairy chest."Wow..." Malfoy muttered free russion virgins to himself, whilst he had forced Goyle to suck his
cock on countless occasions, but that had all it had ever been. He didn't
want to them to know he was gay, and he knew almost certainly they weren't,
that's what gave him the first clue to the imposter. But looking at him
now, he wondered why he hadn't just had a go and dealt with the
consequences later. He flicked his wand again, but this time the ropes
binding quickly undid themselves then twisted and contorted tying him up,
but in a fashion that left his chest free. Malfoy began running his fingers
over Goyle's body, feeling through the hair and skin underneath.Malfoy put his wand back in his robe, and placed his right hand on his own
cock, slowly jerking himself, his left hand worked its way around Goyle's
hairy chest, tweaking his nipples, and fingering his belly button, then he
slowly moved his hand lower, as he did so his right hand on his cock
slowed, he slowly slid his left hand into Goyle's pants, making his way
past even more hair, before he finally hit cock, he took it in his hand.
"Fucking hell that's big" he thought and began massaging it. He felt it
growing in his hand, getting slowly bigger and harder, he found that his
own cock was now as hard as it could be, and found himself jerking it
faster.He began pulling the foreskin back on Goyle's little virgins nu
uncut cock, but then it
started growing rapidly, inflating and shrinking, in shock he stopped
jerking himself, and retracted his hand, leaving it in the mass of hair on
his stomach, but then the hair began to shrink down, and huge muscles
started developing, before quickly returning to normal, his body also
started contorting, he grew shorter, then thinner then fatter. Malfoy
stepped back, watching the body, growing and shrinking and contorting, he
was finally going to see who it was, watching the body contort.Once the transformation was complete Malfoy found himself looking down on
the body of the Boy who lived, and russion sexy virgin girls found himself imagining all virgins teeny the things
he wanted to do virgins japonese to him, but was interrupted by faint noises from the
unconscious Harry, listening more carefully, he began to make out words;" me...Yeah....Draco...""Ok Potter! But wake up, it's no fun when I have sex nude virgins to do everything, it's
like masturbating, and if I wanted to masturbate...well...I'd be
masturbating." Said Malfoy, ranting to himself as usual, but then Harry
began to stir, and Malfoy had an idea; he got closer to Harry, and mounted
him like a broom, ass in Harry's crotch, legs dangling either side of him.
He stared crisco virgin olive oil at Harry for a moment, he thought of cleaning the blood of and
repairing his nose, brought his wand out, but realised it made him look
rugged and sexy, and instead cast; "Rennervate!"Harry began to regain consciousness, he kept his eyes closed at first, and
heard a voice; "Wake up Potter" he knew that voice anywhere, it was the
voice he had just been hearing in his dream, and he then began remembering
where he was...and what had happened."M...Malfoy...?" Harry stammered."Did you have a nice dream Potter?" Harry started to open his eyes, and saw
the face staring down at him. "Was it just me and you, or was there another
guy to?" Harry tried moving, but he couldn't, he looked down and saw the
ropes keeping him, and then he saw that he was floating above ground...and
then Malfoy, completely naked, on top of him. Harry began staring at him,
looking at his body, and his cock resting on his bare stomach. Harry's virgin naked own
cock began to get harder, and found it pushing up against Draco's ass.
"Woah, pleased to see me Potter?" said Malfoy feeling Harry's cock rise up
against him.Draco ran his virgin naked hands over Harry's abs and up to his chest, massaging him. He
then began to rock forward and backward, digging his ass into Harry's cock.
Harry let out a soft moan as he felt Malloy's buttocks, rub against his
cock. Draco lent forward moving his hands up Harry's body, and wrapped his
hands around his neck, grabbing the hair on the back of his head, leant
forward and kissed him; softly at first getting more and more passionate,
as he rested his body on Harry's and his cock getting harder teen virgin private pics between them,
the feel of Draco lying on Harry, and Draco's bare cock rubbing against his
stomach was dutch virgin teens
orgasmic.Draco began retracting his lips from Harry's, biting his lip as he did. But
now Harry was entranced, he was in heaven and didn't want it to end, he
found himself drawn to Malfoy's lips, and as they were pulled away from him
he began to follow them, his head being attracted upwards, until the ropes
restricted him from doing so any more. "Now let's see the famous Harry
Potter's trouser snake, or should I say Basilisk?" said Malfoy, who gave
Harry a final kiss before dismounting him. "Locomotor Mortis!" Draco cast,
"The ropes were kinky, but leave no room for access; finite!" He said
casting his wand in a backwards whip motion, the ropes flew off of Harry,
and shot back into his wand creating a whip, which he subsequently whipped
before they disappeared completely into the end of his wand. Harry tried to
move but his legs non nude virgins pics and arms had been impressively locked.Draco walked to Harry's feet, and removed Goyle's disgusting virgin illegal shoes illeagel teen virgin pussy before
grabbing the end of his trousers and yanking them off, revealing Harry's
baggy grey and black stripped boxers, which his cock had tented, virgins teeny quite
impressively. "Nice legs Potter," he said slowly walking around Potter,
stroking his leg as he went, starting at his ankles, "Slim, strong,
muscular and little virgin african girl hairy" essex co tappahannock virginia
he reached his thighs, "just how I like them, but what
I like most of all..." sliding his hand to the inside of his thigh and
slowly under his boxers, " the prize...waiting..." his hand brushed
Harry's balls "... at the top!" Finishing his sentence he grasped Harry's
cock, which twitched in his hand, he jerked it in his hand a couple of
times."Wow" Harry moaned."Finally decided talk have we Potter? So I'm guessing you like a good hand
job?""I didn't realise it would feel so much better...with a guy...""Wow, do you mean I'm your first gay experience?" Malfoy asked, removing
his hand from Harry's cock, walking round to Harry's head."Yes" Harry answered looking up at Malfoy, but his eyes wandered as he
tilted his head back, working his way down his body and stared at his cock,
right next to his head, he could smell it, he wanted it.Malfoy took his cock in his hand and moved closer to Harry, by now his cock
was dribbling with pre-cum, he slapped it a couple of times on either side
of Harry's face, causing the liquid to splatter onto Harry's face. Feeling
a drop of the cum land on the corner of his mouth he used his tongue to get
it, before licking his lips to find another drop, and swallowed. zoosex with little virgins He then
felt the tip teens sex virgins Malfoy's cock against his lips, which he accepted by opening
his sex nude virgins lips slightly allowing it to slide into his mouth, and sucked on it
hard, as Malfoy withdrew his cock slowly he used his tongue to massage it.Slipping his cock into Harry's mouth a second time caused Malfoy to
experience a fantastic wave of pleasure, and removing it created a slight
vacuum in Harry's mouth, causing his cheeks to be pulled inwards, defining
his strong children, carnival virgin islands his cock exited Harry's mouth with a pop, which he
then quickly thrust back virgin babysitters in. His cock grew quickly, becoming rock hard, as
he steadily fucked Harry's face, in and out, building up a rhythm. He
withdrew his wand, but instead of pointing it, he took hold of it
horizontally, each end between his forefinger and thumb, as if holding a
piece of wire, and slowly rotated his wand between the two fingers. As he
did, Harry began to rotate on Malfoy's cock. The rotating motion on
Malfoy's cock, coupled with him fucking Harry's face was immense, and it
wasn't long before he was reaching a climax.Malfoy youn virgin sluts quickly withdrew his cock from Harry for a final time, and brought
Harry's spinning to a stop, leaving Harry's ass in the air, essex co tappahannock virginia "Are you ready
for a good fucking now Potter?" he asked removing Harry's cloak crisco virgin olive oil
and ripped
shirt leaving him in just his boxers, covering up his ass. Malfoy mounted
Harry for a second time, this time sitting on Harry's legs. He placed his
hands on Harry's ass cheeks, massaging them through the fabric of his
boxers, feeling the muscles contract and relax as Harry clenched his ass in
pleasure. He grabbed the waistband of his boxers in his fists, ready to
pull them off, but instead ripped them apart along the centre exposing
Harry's slightly hairy crack and ass hole, his cheeks still clenched and
muscular."I guess you won't want these any more" said Draco, he flung the ripped
pants away, and they landed on the door knob. He then took his own hard
cock in his hand and whacked it on Harry's ass a couple of times before
teasing his hole with the tip off his cock, and slowly applied pressure to
it, causing it to start to slip in. He leant forward, allowing his cock to
slide further into Harry's tight ass. sex nude virgins He let his body lie on Harry's back
and licked Harry's neck, his cock head now swallowed by his ass."Does it hurt ya, Harry?" He whispered into his ear, as he wrapped his arms
around Harry's torso, rubbing his nipples and abs."That little thing? You wish!" Draco slammed his cock into Harry hard,
causing Harry to scream as Draco's crotch slammed down onto his ass."Don't get cheeky Potter, because otherwise you'll find yourself in the
papers again only this time about your sexuality." He began to remove his
cock from Harry's ass, before slowly re-inserting, rocking himself in and
out of Harry, riding him, slowly at first before getting steadily faster,
and harder.Someone outside placed a hand onto the knob of Draco's dormitory, and
turned it clockwise causing the latch to withdraw itself from the socket,
at the exact same time that Draco withdrew his cock from Harry, before
freezing mid act, at the sight of the knob turning, beginning to panic.
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